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In this issue we cover the world with the British local government and public health. The following are comments from the German Institute for Health and Labour (NRW), of „Yorkshire Futures“, by Nottingham City Council and the Ministry of Health of Louisiana.

1 new from our customers

  • 1.1 LIGA (National Institute for Health and Work), NRW | New IA 6 Reports
  • 1.2 Yorkshire Futures | progress in regional reporting by „Region Live“ (PiRLive)
  • Perth and Kinross Council 1.3, GB | New environmental reports using Instant Atlas
  • 1.4 London Health Observatory | Planning Guide for Sports & Activities
  • 1.5 Nottingham City Council | Nottingham Insight changes to the Instant Atlas Server
  • 1.6 Ministry of Health of Louisiana | New direct reports using IA 6

2 Resources and News

  • 2.1 Jacksonville Community Council Inc | Webinar on municipal indicators
  • 2.2 Where to see Instant Atlas in action | UK and worldwide
  • 2.3 American Customer example using municipal health | Health Council of Northeast Florida (HPCNEF)
  • 2.4 You mapping data and report on it using Instant Atlas | Flowingdata.com (English only)
  • 2.5 Instant Atlas Training Courses
  • 2.6 New Instant Atlas customers

News of our customers

1.1 LIGA, NRW | New profiles for county and county-level cities in NRW using Instant Atlas 6

On the basis of 16 indicators to socio-demographic factors, the health status and health behavior 54 counties and cities in NRW are compared.

Please select one of the graphic variants by clicking on it:

Comparison of circular profiles
all 16 indicators will be provided in a profile graphics side by side. A bar chart shows, for each indicator, the deviation of the selected circuit from the national average.
Additionally, a second circuit may be included as a comparison region into the presentation. Maps, tables and another chart showing the distribution of the same to be selected indicator for all 54 circles.

Funnel plot
this graph shows the infant mortality rate in the circles depending on the number of births in each circle represents the red horizontal line shows the value for NRW, each circle is represented by a dot. Points within the green line deviate only randomly on the land value, points between the green and the blue line represents a 95% probability of a significant deviation, points outside the blue line did not occur with 99% probability by chance. The greater the number of births, the narrower the limits within which it is assumed random.
Besides the funnel plot, there is a thematic map, a bar chart and a table. Use mouse representations can be marked simultaneously in all four counties.


1.2 Yorkshire Futures | PiRLive update the page

Yorkshire Futures is the regional „information network“ of Yorkshire and the Humber. Its mission is to provide data and information available to support regional strategies and also recently to informieren.Vor Yorkshire Futures has its „Region Live“ (PiRLive) website updated with the latest data. At the same time they have redesigned the website so that it corresponds to the main page more. Yorkshire Futures worked with Instant Atlas to give the website RiRLive a new image to make it more in line with the new Yorkshire Futures website. They have also introduced the latest version of Instant Atlas V6.3.

Amanda Crossfield, Data and Development Manager at Yorkshire Furtures, says: „Using Instant Atlas we have created dynamic maps, known as“ Progress in the Region Live , „and asked them online. Based on indicators such as economic, environmental, educational and social services, they show how developed our region. One can see the development of Yorkshire and the Humber, its suburbs and catchment areas and compare them with the regional, local and national average. Furthermore, one can see the trends over specific time periods. „

You can download the data as an Excel spreadsheet or print the cards in order to use them for your reports and presentations.

The reports of „Progress in the Region Live“ can be used to:

  • to see how the regional and local communities to develop indicators to measure
  • to see trends over a period
  • to compare two indicators
  • to compare the region to the national average
  • to compare the local districts with the regional, local and national average
  • to explain and to print out cards
  • data to an Excel spreadsheet download


Perth and Kinross Council 1.3 | New environmental report using Instant Atlas

The presentation on the situation of the environment is an interactive map with which you can see at a glance the state of development of Perth and Kinross (eg, their districts, „intermediate geographies“ = zoning, as determined by the Scottish guidelines to simplify the comparison of statistical data ). Further, one can compare it with other areas and the regional average.

It provides information about the environment and community of Perth and Kinross. This includes information on air quality, on flood-prone areas and how many people have easy access to bus services.

The environment mapping can be used to:

  • to see how regions and local governments measured at developing indicators
  • to compare areas with each other and with the regional average
  • Login to see trends over a period
  • to graphs, tables and maps to print and download
  • to data as Excel files or as PDF download

Click here to start the environmental report

Perth & Kinross also provide an auxiliary manual as a PDF file available (only in English)

1.4 London Health Observatory | Planning Guide for Sports & Activities

The London Health Observatory (Official to monitor the health development) and the organization „Make Sport Fun“ (focused on the marketing of sports and activities) have developed for the Ministry of Health and the public health of this planning tool. It is based on the company’s market segmentation instrument of Sport England’s (common useful association, which is funded by the national lottery company). It helps companies to plan new sports activities in the communities that need it most.

By means of this planning tool you can quickly and easily identify which areas people live who are interested in sports. Further, one can also see where the 19 different „sports type“ (a typing of Sport England’s) life. This means that it is possible to plan marketing strategy quickly, cheaply and easily.

It is based on data by millionaire surveys ( Active People Survey , Taking Part Survey and Experian’s Mosaic Tool ) were collected. The London Health Observatory created this planning instrument using the Instant Atlas Server.

The public sector and non-profit organizations can use this planning tool in accordance with the relevant User Guidelines for Sport’s England.

Currently you have access only through a password. However, a look at the following video that gives you an overview. (English only)

1.5 Nottingham City Council (City Council Nottingham) | Nottingham Insight is preparing for the future by changing from the desktop to the Instant Atlas Instant Atlas Server

Nottingham Insight (insights into Nottingham) (formerly also known as NOMAD +) is a commonly used source of information, data and information about Nottingham and its surrounding areas offers.

This system jointly constructed has the goal of improving decision making to support partnerships and to secure a better future for the residents. The team from Nottingham but came in the dissemination of the data within the partner companies to quickly hurdles. The existing system required high maintenance and development time. In addition, the technical staff had to support each process section. The load data was to keep consuming and difficult to date. In addition, the use was not intuitive, but rather cumbersome.

The change to Instant Atlas Server brought many advantages; because many of the team had already had experience with the desktop and found it good. The service was overall easier, and the team could use OCSI data with the server. Thus, they regularly have the latest data. The server can create area profiles and have access to Wedgets and Web services.

„How have opted for the Instant Atlas Server, because you can so easily map graphics from neighborhood areas and create; it is intuitive and easy to use, it has a higher operating speed, it is affordable and it can be easily connected to the existing ESRI tools. „ Mick Dunn, Shared Intelligence Manager | Nottingham City Council.

About Nottingham Insight

Resources include data, analysis, mapping, reports, guidelines and other documents with the aim of local authorities, partner companies and all the help people who are interested in the development and welfare of Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

Facts and Zahle, relating to Nottingham and its sub-communities can be used to:

  • To plan services and projects
  • To make information policy
  • to make fact-based strategic decision support
  • To provide advertising and marketing services
  • To facilitate decisions on the award of the contract
  • Providers to offer easy access to resources
  • To provide summaries and profiles of the Nottingham region at a glance
  • To assist auditors in making the right information retrieval

1.6 Ministry of Health of Louisiana, United States | New BRFSS reports using Instant Atlas 6

The Chronic Disease Prevention Control Unit (prevention and control of chronic diseases) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has recently released its latest report (2006-2008) on the behavioral risk factors at the community level. The report includes 14 health indicators. The data were collected over a period of 3 years, for each of the communities 64. Topics include physical and mental health conditions, chronic diseases, and health care.

The Ministry of Health and Hospitals Louisiana is one of 20 American health ministries, which have instant atlas integrated into its strategy for web-based data dissemination.

Resources and News

2.1 Jacksonville Community Council Inc: Webinar on urban indicators and hosted by Instant Atlas

„Find out more about how Jacksonville Community Council Inc Instant Atlas used to be Project“ Community Snapshot „(municipal snapshot) and the development of information systems within the community to implement.“

On April 1, GeoWise organized a live video conference with Ben Warner, Deputy Director of the Jacksonville Community Council as a guest (JCCI).

Ben’s presentation showed how Instant Atlas is used within the organization. Furthermore, the advantages were highlighted, which acquired the JCCI by this introduction. Ben explained the project and discussed in detail the report for the county Jacksonville / Duval, created and presented with Instant Atlas 6

To Webinar

2.2 Where to Instant Atlas can see it in action – upcoming events

1 North America – 44th National Immunization Conference – April 19, 2010, Hyatt Regency – Atlanta, Georgia


2 NAACCR – Annual Conference 2010 – 22 to 24 June 2010 Quebec, Canada


„Renewed Collaboration: A Modern Paradigm for Cancer Surveillance

2.3 Case study on the municipal health care in the U.S.

For more than 40 years, the Health of Northeast Florida is concerned about the health of the counties: Baker, claz Duval, Flagler, Nassau, St. Johns and Volusia against the background of different health initiatives at the state, national and local level. He wants to face the challenges and responsibilities within the health of Florida, by planning initiatives, performs and evaluates that are aligned with the local health needs and to influence health policy. Download the client instance as PDF file download

2.4 Mapping and present data using Instant Atlas (English only)

You have probably heard the discussions on transparency and know that many companies prefer to do more than just publish a bunch of tables. You want to illustrate their data much better, so that the public can participate. With Instant Atlas , this is quite simple – without encryption. Read more.

2.5 Instant Atlas Training Courses

Why not take advantage of our Spring Sale and participate in one of our training courses? This offer is only for training courses that are in our office in Edinburgh, Scotland maintained,

Choose one of two options:

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2.6 New Instant Atlas Ku ends



Offord Centre for Child Studies (McMaster University)




Bremen Institute for Prevention Research and Social Medicine (Bremen Cancer Registry)

ASHIP Bavaria (KVB)

City of Munich, Statistical Office

City of Frankfurt, Civil Office, Statistics and Elections


Just Life, Lausanne


Alabama Department of Public Health

Altarum Institute

Arizona Department of Health Services

Center for Health Services Research and Development (East Carolina University)

Community Resources Council, Kansas

Hawaii State Department of Health

Health Planning Council of NE Florida

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (University of Washington)

Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services

Pinellas County Government, et al., St Petersburg, Florida

Washington State Department of Health

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